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    The Benefits of Fresh Prep

    September 26, 2017

September 26, 2017

The Benefits of Fresh Prep

With health becoming ever more of an issue in today’s society, and an abundance of supplements, magic teas and fad diet quick fixes hitting the shelves, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important long term: A healthy and sustainable balanced diet, rife with vitamins and minerals that mean you can say goodbye to a range of these nonsense supplements.

The benefits of Fresh Prep

When it comes to preparing healthy, balanced meals a lot of us fall into one of the following categories and as a result, fall off the health wagon, so as to speak.

  • Temptation
  • Time constraints
  • Knowledge
  • Cost

By addressing these issues hopefully you will see the value in choosing a meal prep company to help you on your way to health!


With the best will in the world, we begin the week each Monday with a rife determination to eat well. We’ve done the Sunday food shop and prepared a few meals and now we’re unstoppable. Until we hit the staff room, office building, where inevitably it’s someone’s birthday, or a fuddle or just a general celebrate life with food day, and suddenly this looks more tempting than your Tupperware of dreams, which will keep ‘til tomorrow right?

At Fresh Prep (see pic below) presentation is paramount and with much of your will power coming down to mind over matter, looking at a well presented prepped meal can work wonders for fighting the temptations.

Another area of temptation for you might be the supermarket itself. ‘Ooh those biscuits are on offer’, perhaps I could have a pie, they’re 2 for 1 after all. It’s been a bad day and wow that frozen pudding looks tempting. By eliminating the need to head to the supermarket and having your meals delivered to your door you can remove the temptation of the offers and the comfort foods. All Fresh Prep products are delivered fresh and are suitable for freezing if you find bulk buying more cost effective.

Time Constraints

Typically we live in a world where we work long hours. Gone are the days where a woman stays at home and cooks healthy, wholesome meals with fresh ingredients and this can lead to a selection of scenarios. Either a) we resort to shop bought sauces to speed up the cooking process, often these sauces are filled with salt, sugar and preservatives. I challenge you, read the ingredients on the labels of these sauces, how many do you actually recognise? Or better still, how many can you even pronounce? b) We arrive home after a long day and the thought of cooking is not pleasant and so takeaway it is. Convenience food has a market for a reason.

I personally found that Fresh Prep meals were most efficient for me when I’d worked a 12 hour day and arrived home. Before the temptation of a take away could catch hold of me (I’m human it would have done) I could simply microwave a healthy meal for 2 minutes and know what was going into my body was benefitting it from the inside out.


Despite trying, the amount of mixed messages around nutrition can make it seem like a mine field. For some, learning about nutrition can be enjoyable; for others, being told what to eat can take away the stress of having to navigate the minefield before you. Fresh Prep are able to take care of a lot of this nutrition for you. They can provide you with portion sizes and meals filled with well-balanced food groups. Great you’re thinking chicken, rice, veg. Wrong. Fresh Prep offer a variety of what may be considered as ‘treat meals’ all as a healthy option: chicken fajitas, meatballs, curry. Not for you? They also have an option on their website where you can tailor the meals to suit you. So if you already know your macros…not a problem, Fresh Prep can still be of help!


I wanted to mention this as personally I’ve always thought of these companies as being an unnecessary expense, and in addition and expensive option. Until this was, I broke down the cost. Fresh Prep is one of the more reasonable companies as far as meal prep is concerned but more than that, take into account other food costs in your life.

Popping into the supermarket each night, five pounds here, five pounds there. That weekend takeaway, potentially another thirty pounds gone? Even things like hiring a personal trainer. We’re happy to spend 30-40 an hour on that but neglect to spend money on nutrition, a 24 hour a day round the clock week in week out importance.

Cost and worth are very different and when considering health it’s important to determine the value long-term of having a healthy, sustainable diet. Have you started to sneak in additional extras to your strict January diet? Are you in need of another Kick start? Or are you simply wishing someone would relieve you of the pressure to cook and understand healthy eating?

There’s no obligation to continue, no monthly fee, no contract, so what have you got to lose by trying Fresh Prep products and seeing what they can do for you!


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