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Create Your Own (mealprep)

Create your own each meal by selection from  a larger range of proteins, carbs and vegetables.

Balanced Meals to go

Freshly prepped balance meals made for you. Click for more details below.

  • “Thank you for asking, they were amazing, so tasty and so fresh i really enjoyed them, and they are perfect amount of carbs and protein for my training needs, so easy to heat up and heat too, saved me a lot of meal prep time, very tasty and healthy and great variety. Thank you so much.”

    - XX

  • “I have been chatting with aimee and charlie and it’s got me excited to work with you guys for me prep for the world champs.”

    - Anonymous

  • “Looks really good. Can’t wait to try it.”

    - Anonymous

  • “Love them.! Had two today, chicken, sweet potato and beans. Chicken chickpea and kale definitely best prep food i’ve had.!! Thank you.

    Can i ask what your athlete affiliation/collaboration scheme is?”

    - Anonymous

  • “The tofu curry is insane! Super yum!”

    - Anonymous

  • “My order is here, it looks really professional! I will check everything as soon as i get back but thank you.”

    - Anonymous

  • “Amazing well balanced food for a particular diet. Defo recommend it.”

    - Junaid Younas

  • “Really great healthy food and a huge choice too. The flavour isn’t wasted. Highly recommend, not just because it’s value for money but also due to th sheer convenience”

    - The Chemist The Bronx

  • “We knew our brand needed an overhaul and
    the team delivered exactly what we were looking for”

    - Jon Hopkins, Immunity

  • “Our click-through rate doubled in a matter of days.
    We are so happy with the results!”

    - Jesse Ware, Devotion

  • “They responded to our brief with enthusiasm. Their
    experience was invaluable for our business.”

    - Will Saul, Close

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